Animal, Mineral, Radical

Animal Mineral Radical

Animal, Mineral, Radical


Family, and Food is a new collection of creative-non-fiction by BK Loren.

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Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food

Radical, before it meant a person who advocates strong political reform, meant getting to the root of things, the origin. It comes from the Latin radix, radicis, meaning radish, a root vegetable.
~BK Loren
Colorado Book AwardsThese meditative essays won the 2014 Colorado Book Award for creative nonfiction. The stories range in subjects from a transcendal encounter with a pack of coyotes ironically juxtaposed with her neighbor’s claim that nature “has gone out of vogue,” to Loren’s mother’s slow yet all-encompassing deterioration from Parkinson’s, and the unexpected way the Loma Prieta earthquake eroded her depression by offering the author a sense of her small place in a wild and worthwhile world.

Loren has an empathetic and gentle approach to the world. In detailing the intricacies of human relationships and consciousness—fear of death and time, cooperation born of clashing viewpoints, tradition’s beauty even when destructive, a love of language, a sense of loss amid the fast-paced materialistic world—she peels back the film of popular thinking in order to expose herself to the secrets so few of us ever see.

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