Anthologies Featuring Writing by BK Loren

Phillip Zaleski, ed. [2012]. The Best American Spiritual Writing 2012. Penguin Books. ISBN 978-0143119906

The Best American Spiritual Writing 2012
Phillip Zaleski, ed.
Penguin Books ISBN 978-0143119906


Between Song and Story: Essays for the Twenty-first Century
Sheryl St Germain & Margaret Whitford, ed. [2011]
Autumn House Press. ISBN 1932870504


Listening to Cougar
Marc Bekoff and Cara Blessley Lowe, ed.
University Press of Colorado
ISBN 978-0870819360


The Future of Nature: Writing on a Human Ecology
Barry Lopez, ed.
Orion Milkweed ISBN 978-1-57131-306-5.


The Best American Spiritual Writing 2004
Philip Zaleski, ed.
Houghton Mifflin
ISBN 978-0-618-44302-4.


Going Alone: Women’s Adventures in the Wild
Susan Fox Rogers, ed.
Seal Press ISBN 978-1-58005-106-4.


Women on the Verge
Susan Fox Rogers, ed.
Stonewall Inn Editions. ISBN 0312209711.


Dutiful Daughters
Jean Gould, ed.
Seal Press. ISBN 1-58005-026-3.


Two in the Wild: Tales of Adventure from Friends, Mothers, and Daughters
Susan Fox Rogers, ed. (1999)
Vintage Books. ISBN 978-0-375-70201-3.



The Way of the River: Adventures and Meditations of a Woman Martial Artist. The Lyons Press. 2001. ISBN 978-1-58574-301-8.[3]

The Way of the River is an illuminating, autobiographical exploration of the physical, mental, and spiritual lessons of the martial arts. In these beautifully written essays, BK Loren shares stories from her lifelong passion, illustrating how this centuries-old art has shaped her – and revealing the wisdom it offers for our lives today. To each personal story BK Loren brings thoughts on nature, culture, women’s roles, and class in America. The Way of the River transcends self-defense – as Loren shows, martial arts are ultimately about bringing body and mind into balance, allowing one to deal with life’s obstacles with calmness and clarity.

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